Friday, June 28, 2013

Book Nerd Problem Tumblr

I don't think people realize the toll it takes on a person being a book nerd. So many emotions. So many ...issues...
Here are just a few examples of what it's like to be a book nerd:

When a review on Amazon doesn't warn you about a spoiler  

 When the main characters finally realize they're in love

The day after "Just one more chapter" turns into reading until 2am 

YES! either you go back over the book so much it was so good and can't stop or you don't want to read anything else in case it's better

  Going on a date when you're "thiiis close to finishing your book"

When your favorite character dies

When the next book finally comes out

When your friends are tired of hearing "The book was so much better" from you

Yep... And the one who immediately comes to my mind is Finnick Odair... *sigh* why did he have to die?? SUZANNE COLLINS WHY DO YOU PUT US THROUGH THIS?!?!

When they reprint the cover with the movie poster

 When people try to talk to you during an intense part